Surely Work

Surely Work

Simplifying short-term hiring for employers and creators.

As freelancers and employers ourselves, we saw and felt the need for a lightweight platform that standardizes the discovery, connection to, and hiring of freelancers.

Surely Work is being built to meet that need with shareable job listings, personalized candidate databases for employers, and a job board with niche filtering capabilities so creatives can find the exact job for their skillset.

My goal in leading the design of the Surely Work platform is to create small, meaningful features and quality of life upgrades for our users while keeping our design library concise and flexible. To embody the startup mindset of maximum potential and minimum overhead, I sweat the details to utilize every field input and metadata tag to its maximum potential.

Phase 1: Surely Post

Our first product launch, Surely Post, is a formatting tool designed to simplify the process of posting job opportunities on social media. With this product we are actively prioritizing shareability and standardization of social media job ads so we can meet users where they are with simple, maximized features.

Utilizing the hierarchy I created in our web style guidelines, I designed and wrote copy for an instructional flow that nudges users through our posting process. I also designed the standardized image design for shareable listings to ensure they surfaces the most important information for freelancers.

Phase 2: Jobs board & employer profiles

Our second phase will introduce a more complete and cohesive jobs platform that includes a searchable job board and employer profiles.

To seamlessly onboard employers onto our platform, I collaborated with our engineer to build a simple, but flexible two-step signup flow that prioritizes publishing a job listing while creating an account. To increase discoverability within the platform, I expanded the design system for the shareable job listings to develop a mobile-first, filterable database for freelancers to explore job opportunities.

Phase 3: Revenue & data

Creating job listings will be paywalled to fund the expansion of our data and creator network offerings.